Friday, January 5, 2018

This And That

The BoggsMobile cranked fine Thursday afternoon, aired up good and climbed the incline up to the road with no trouble at all. None of that was an accident. I put a heater next to the engine all night, I try to maintain the air system and I worked on the drive Tuesday. 

I was still concerned about all three things but it all worked out perfectly. Praise God. There is nothing like a little preparation blessed by a lot of grace!

I will tell you more about all the travel later but everything has been going well.

I snapped a couple of pictures inside the barn early Thursday morning that I want to show you. This thermometer is only a few feet from the bus and it was reading below 25 degrees.

This one is upstairs in my study and it was reading about 22 degrees.

When we are home I try to begin each morning in my study. It is nice to have a private place for my devotions. Obviously I have not been spending much time up there this visit home!😀 

It does not take much of a heater to warm the study but all heaters have been called up to active duty to heat the house until the HVAC is installed. That should happen Saturday.

I told you back in November about the Kidde fire extinguisher recall. You can follow the link to that post and follow links from the there to the Kidde recall site. Out of seven fire extinguishers we own, three of them are Kidde brand and all three fell under the recall.

I filled out the forms online and in 3-4 weeks they sent three replacements. There were waiting on us in the barn when we arrived December 23rd.

They came with instructions concerning sending the recalled units back. Kelly Jo jumped through all those hoops and I set them out for FedEx pickup early Thursday morning.

They were still there when we left the ranch Thursday afternoon but tracking information says they have been picked up. That was easy. At least it was easy for us. It must be a very hard blow for the Kidde company.

If you own a fire extinguisher, and you should, check it to see if it is affected by the recall. If it is not, it will not hurt to look at it anyway to make sure it is charged properly and within the date range to use. It would be awful to need an extinguisher, pick it up, point it at the fire and then nothing happen but more burning.

That is all for today. Thank you for dropping by.


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