Friday, January 12, 2018

Pine Prairie, Louisiana - Revival In Pictures

We are very near finishing up another revival at Christian Tabernacle near Pine Prairie, Louisiana. Tonight will bring our week here to a close. It has been so good to have revival with our friends. I think our first visit here was in April of 2006 and we have enjoyed coming back as often as possible.

Pastor Barry Gautreaux and Sis. Teresa have become very dear friends. It is amazing how that God brings people into our lives at just the right moment. We do not always know what God is doing but we love watching Him work. Praise God for the Gautreaux's and the Christian Taberacle.

Tonight is Youth Rally night for the churches in their fellowship. We have been part of their Youth Rallies before and we have always enjoyed them. I am sure it is going to be a great night.

We are also expecting some family to be in the service as well. That is exciting. We will tell you more about that if it actually works for them to come be with us.

It is time to get to the Revival In Pictures. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for visiting with us today.


Their new church is beautiful.

I have said for years that some of the best food in the whole wide world can be found in Evangeline Parish. The best of the best is Chicken Briquettes. 

They are boneless chicken thighs stuffed with cheese and jalapenos and wrapped in bacon. Wow!

Thanks to Sis. Megan Johnson for taking some of these pictures Thursday night after church.

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