Sunday, January 21, 2018

Our View Out The Front Window January 21, 1028

Our view is a little different than expected. We had planned to be looking out our front window this week at the beautiful scenery surrounding the Cedar Creek Church near Citronelle, Alabama. As you may have seen, that revival had to be canceled due to a flu outbreak.

The cancellation is a disappointment for us to be sure. However, it is only a minor inconvenience for us compared to the members of the Cedar Creek church family that are suffering with this horrible flu. We are praying that God will give them quick recovery and stop the spread of the flu among them.

This Sunday morning finds us in a hotel near Shreveport, Louisiana. Pastor Stacy Holden asked us last week to please come to preach for him when we had a Sunday open. We had no idea it would be this soon, but here we are!

This is our view out the front door.

Here are the links to our posts from the last week. Please take a moment to check them out.

Thanks for checking in today. I hope you have a great Sunday.


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