Monday, January 29, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview 1/29/16

After service at Beams of Light Wednesday night we remained parked at the church Thursday and Friday. There are very few places, relative to the many churches where we have parked, that we feel comfortable staying over. Beams of Light is one of them. It is a really good and comfortable place to park.

I woke up before daylight Thursday and the very first thought that crossed my mind was this. "What should I preach tonight?" Then it occurred to me that I did not even know where I was preaching revival. I probably searched my mind for a full 30 seconds before I remembered where we were parked.

Once I realized we were parked at Beams of Light and I was not preaching that night, I was wide awake and knew I could not go back to sleep. Sleep was good while it lasted.😏

Kelly and Odie did laundry Thursday while I worked on sound equipment. Later Odie visited with Shavona Deane and looked at some of the awesome pictures she has taken. Odie is going to use a few of her pictures in the wall decoration scheme in the house we are building for her.

We posted pictures on Thursday from our Wednesday night service at Beams of Light. We do have a couple of pictures from Thursday during the day.

Shavona and Odie

Kelly Jo prepared chicken thighs for supper on Thursday. We purchased these and a "few" more while we were in Pine Prairie, Louisiana a few weeks ago. Wow! They were so good as usual!

Friday we drove two hours to Opp, Alabama to hear the Isaacs. It was a wonderful night. I am quite sure Odie will tell you more about it later.

If you are keeping score, yes, we saw the Isaacs twice in five days. That is very unusual for us and a very nice turn of events.

We left Cantonment Saturday morning and drove about an hour and forty minutes to Bibleway Assembly near Foley, Alabama. As we were getting near the church we had a Green Machine sighting. It was almost invisible among the bushes and trees.

Three times in a week or so friends around the country sent us pictures of a Green Machine in their town and asked us if we were any where near them. The sightings were in Claremore, Oklahoma, near Handford, California and Hodgenville, Kentucky. Now we have seen ourselves in Foley, Alabama.

We rolled into the church, unloaded the sound equipment and then parked the BoggsMobile. Associate Pastor Corey Brown helped us hook up and then helped us set up the sound.

I spent the rest of the afternoon preparing for the annual board meeting of Boggs Family Ministries. I had all the figures together but I never feel prepared so I went over everything again. Bro. Kurt McCrorey and Bro. John Eaton have been on the board since we formed Boggs Family Ministries 10 years ago and they are very faithful. When the conference call was completed, I had been refreshed by my brothers.

Sunday morning we began revival at Bibleway Assembly for Pastor Eddy Sullivan and his great folks. This is our second revival here and we are glad to be back. God gave us a great Sunday and I expect to have more of the same all week long. 

Here are a few pictures from Sunday.

Singing Happy Birthday to Bro. Cory and Sis. Kirsten Brown.

Somehow we ended up with a picture of Bro. Cory's cake and missed Sis. Kirsten's!

That wraps up our weekend. I hope you had a great one too. Thanks for reading today.


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