Thursday, January 25, 2018

One Night and One Night Only

Monday we woke up in Houghton, Louisiana on the edge of Shreveport. Bro. Scott Morris had broke out in a spontaneous revival on Sunday and he asked me Sunday night if I would be willing to preach Monday night. I told him Monday morning that I would and we headed in that direction.

It was well over 300 miles to Richton and with a lunch along the way thrown in for good measure, it was 5:00 before we arrived at the hotel in Runnelstown. We checked in, cleaned up and went on to church.

We did not have our sound system so Bro. Scott invited me to adjust the monitors to best suit us. I appreciate him allowing us to try to save our voices. It was a big help.

We had a good service Monday night in Richton. I hope we helped revival. It was very, very good to see our friends. They made us feel we warmly welcomed. Here are a few pictures.

Tuesday morning we drove to the BoggsMobile at Moss Point. I had some work to do on sound equipment and Kelly Jo and Odie needed to run to town. As soon as we arrived at the BoggsMobile, they hit the ground running.

We had ordered newsletters to be shipped to Cedar Creek and they arrived Tuesday. Bro. and Sis. Templeton drove delivered them to Mobile, Alabama and met my girls. It was nice of them to do that. They also delivered another package that came. I may tell you about later.

The girls were late getting in Tuesday evening. By the time they had finished stuffing the newsletters in the envelopes we had prepared and putting the stamps on, it was very late. I let them rest a while Wednesday morning. They had earned it.

Once we did get rolling Wednesday, we had a nice easy trip through Mobile into the panhandle of Florida and up to Beams of Light Church near Cantonment. Soon we were parked and setting up our sound system.

It has been one year since we were with Pastor Phillip Deane and his folks. It was wonderful to be with them all and enjoy the presence of the Lord. We had a good service and great fellowship afterward.

We also had a great visit with Bro. Ferrell. Stearnes. Ferrell lives near Pensacola and we love it when he is able to be in church with us. We hope to see him next week in Foley.

I would much rather preach revival than preach a night here and then a night there, but this week has been especially good so far. We have seen good friends and enjoyed the good presence of the Lord. It can not be much better than that.

Thank you for reading today. Stop in again soon.


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