Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview January 8, 2018

Odie made a last minute visit to our beloved Acapulco with cousin Lisa on Wednesday and snapped a few pictures of the salsa drinkers in action.

Come on, girls! You are going to have to get the straw down in the salsa bowl to make it at least look real!😀😀

I will begin the Weekend Woundup and Weview on Thursday when we left Ohio.

I already mentioned that we made it out of the frigid cold north without any problems on Thursday. Once we crossed the state line into Kentucky we even had some sunshine. There was not much sun to be seen at the Lazy OD Ranch though.

You can see some sun in this dash cam shot on the south side of Louisville, Kentucky less than 2 1/2 hours later.

We pulled out of the drive at 1:35 PM and hit traffic in Cincinnati, Louisville and Nashville at the perfect time. We hardly every do that but it worked great this time.

We were in need of an oil change in the BoggsMobile and I had intended to stop at the Speedco in Franklin, Kentucky right near the Tennessee state line. I called about 15 minutes before the exit and they were backed up at least two hours and maybe (probably) more. Since I had the option of stopping at another Speedco further south and Nashville traffic was clear, we decided to press on south.

We scooted right around Nashville and onto I-40 west with no problems at all. I foolishly passed the first rest area thinking the next one would have open parking places but it did not. We finally stopped just east of Jackson, Tennessee at an closed weigh station turned truck parking area. We had driven 417 miles.

I slept a few good hours and would have left way before daylight but we were blocked in by trucks. I guess it is a good thing we were not in a sure enough hurry. I parked where I did so as not to block other trucks. The only truck in the picture below that was there when we arrived was the flatbed that you can barely see on the center right.

It was a cold night but Friday became progressively warmer the farther we drove. By the time we arrived in Jackson, Mississippi it was 45 degrees! I mean every syllable when I say Praise the Lord!

The total mileage for the day was only 317 miles but that included a 3 1/2 hours visit to Speedco in Jackson. There were two trucks in the lanes and two trucks in lines when we arrived. They had me pull in the open bay and then wait for the other four trucks to be completed. No problem at all.

I took a little nap and two+ hours after we pulled in they started on the BoggsMobile. They were super nice and I had a great conversation with the workers and two drivers. The slowdown was the tech on the bus had never serviced a bus so he was in training.

There was a nice 1990 Peterbuilt with a Cat engine that has never been rebuilt according to the owner. He said it only had 1.5 million miles. He pulls a stainless refer trailer with red accents.

The engine oil analysis machine was not functioning. It was not functioning last March when we were at this same Speedco. I did the same thing I did then. I had them put some of the old oil in a little jar and I will stop at another Speedco and have them run the analysis.

The RV spots at the Flying J at the same exit were filled with cars so we rolled about an mile to the Bass Pro. We parked there overnight and I think we all slept pretty good.

The drive the rest of the way to Pine Prairie was less than 250 miles but 145 miles of it was not interstate. We took it nice and slow and pulled into the Christian Tabernacle before 1:00 PM Saturday.

Crossing the Mighty Mississippi!

It is very good to be back with our friends here. We love these folks and they have proven their love for us through the years as well. We had a good evening Saturday, a wonderful Homecoming service Sunday along with a great meal and special fellowship most of the day Sunday evening.

Pastor Gautreaux and Christian Tabernacle are celebrating 21 years as a church in Pine Prairie. Their new building was dedicated two years ago and it is so nice. It seems to be just the right size and is very beautiful.

Yesterday they had a temporary ramp ready for Miss Odie Podie. Odie loves that!

Bro and Sis. Juneau

Pastor Barry Gautreaux, Sis. Teresa with me and Kelly Jo

We will have many more pictures before the week is over. I am quite sure God is going to meet with us in revival and we will all be blessed.

That wraps up our weekend. Thank you for tuning in.



  1. I've never been to Acapulco but y'all sure know how to make it look good lol maybe I'll get to go if I ever make it up to Dryden Road, hope to see y'all soon it's been too long!


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