Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Deep Ocean Siding is Now Complete

Two weeks ago I posted a few pictures of the siding being installed on the house being built for Odie. It was completed one week ago on Saturday and it looks tremendous. My Dad, Steve, cousin Lisa and cousin Debbie Northern kept us supplied with a good flow of pictures! Thank you very much!

In keeping with the "Beach Cottage" theme, Odie chose a color called Deep Ocean. (This is a sample from the James Hardie website but it does not show up completely accurate on my computer screen.)

I thought Deep Ocean was a bold and beautiful choice. I would have went for something a little more muted like maybe RED!

I love bright colors. Kelly Jo loves bright colors. Do you remember we drive a GREEN car? Odie does not stand a chance! She can not help but like bright colors. It is in her DNA.

She wanted the Deep Ocean with white trim and once it started going up the side of the house, we knew it was a very good choice.

The siding was on the ground waiting for the installers and when they arrived, they went right to work.

Installing the first piece of trim.

Installing the first piece of siding. This is the garage wall that is next to the drive going back to the barn.

In order to complete the siding, the porch posts had to be permanently set and wrapped in metal. The beams going from the house to the posts were wrapped in metal too. The metal has been on the job since Bro. Mitch Boggs and Bro. Jason Fellers installed the metal roof in late June.

They look great. Once the porches are poured, we will install more posts.

Then they trimmed the windows, doors and corners.

After a break of several days because of more extreme cold, it was time for more siding.

The day after the siding was completed, the snow was gone!

Odie loves it and that makes me happy!!!

Thanks for tuning in today. See you tomorrow for Vintage View Vensday.



  1. Oh my goodness! I absolutely loooove the choice of color for her house, in fact... It's the same color as our house, lol. :-) bold is best! And seriously nobody can miss it when I say, my house is the blue house with white fence!

    1. Angie,
      Thank you!!! I love it!
      Great minds think alike 😀 Love y’all!


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