Friday, January 26, 2018

Changes to Mile Markers Now and In The Near Future

I wrote about some of this last year but I want to go through it again on my way to an announcement of a small change that is coming.

Bro. David Johnston built our original website at many years ago. It served us well for years and gave us a place to post pictures and news from our family and ministry. Some of you have been with us since the beginning of that site. 

One of the features of that website was called Mile Markers. We posted news of what was going on but we posted on a very irregular basis. It was a complicated process for me and we rarely had good internet signal back then.

In November 2009 we began this site on Blogger. We were leaving for our second trip to Nigeria and I was looking for a way to post pictures in real time for folks back home. While searching the internet, I ran across Blogger and within hours, I was set up and ready to go.

The experiment with this site from Nigeria sealed the deal. It was very easy to add pictures and to stay in touch with everyone. We soon moved our Mile Marker updates here and began posting all our pictures here as well.

The original site became a static site with information but rarely any updates since all of the updates are posted here. We started getting hacked there on a regular basis and the hacks kept Bro. Johnston busy. He made some changes and the hacks have been kept at bay.

We knew this day was coming for a long time, but we will soon point that address toward this site. will bring you to the same place as I do not know exactly when the change will be finalized but it is in the works now.

I did not want you to lose access to our schedule and our Google calendar was on the original website. I could never figure out how to post it here. This week, I figured it out and that change is complete.

You can access our schedule from the desktop view of Mile Markers by clicking one of two places. I have circled both in the pictures below. You can click the picture of the BoggsMobile or the word "Schedule" on the tab across the top.

Those links use to eventually lead you to but no they lead you to a page on this site with our Google calendar embedded.

You can scroll down to see the whole month. You can also navigate the months and see it in a weekly, monthly or agenda view. The default view is monthly.

Nearly half of you view our blog from an iPhone or other mobile device. (48% if our numbers are correct.) If you are viewing our blog on a mobile platform it looks similar to the picture below. 

If you click on the tab I have marked with a red circle, a fold down menu will appear and you click on "Schedule".

That will bring up the schedule page. You may have to scroll down and over to see the whole month depending on the screen size on your mobile device.

I am glad to make that change. It puts us one step closer to bringing the two sites together. There is one drawback. Through the years of posting here, I have linked to the schedule in many posts. Once the old address points to this site, those links will probably be dead. I do not see a way to go back through every post and change that link.

This is what I have decided to do. If there is a post that gets a lot of traffic and it has a dead link, I will repair it. Otherwise I, or anyone else, may never see those dead links again.😀

That is all for today. Thanks for dropping by to sit a spell. Have a great weekend!


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