Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Put A Lid On It!

I hope you have a nice 4th of July!

I promised last week to show you the rest of the pictures from the roof install and I need to tell the rest of the story too.

Bro. Mitch Boggs Jr. and Bro. Jayson Fellers brought their families in 2015 and put a roof on the barn for us.

We loved having them then and we are so happy they were willing to come again to put the roof on the house that is being built for Odie to live in!

They arrived Wednesday morning after driving most of the night and worked a few hours. They needed rest badly but they completed quite a bit in those few hours. 

Thursday they hit the ground running and ran hard all day long! You will see in the pictures below that they worked very late. I looked at my clock when they called it quits for the night and it was 10:51 PM. Wow!

These first pictures are from Odie.

The wind kept popping up a bit Thursday and it became a little dicey a time or two. They all took the wind in stride and kept right on working.

Friday morning they had a little more soffit and a little more porch ceiling to complete.

Bro. Mitch Boggs Jr, Odie and Bro. Jayson Fellers

They pulled out about 1:30 on Friday. It was sad for us.

Mom and Dad jumped in to help us clean up and a couple of hours later, we were finished.

Here are pictures from my phone on Thursday and Friday.

Bro. Mitch has lifts for this high stuff at home but he did it all from an old extension ladder here. He went up and down a whole bunch of times!

Mom, Dad, Steve and Kelly Jo prepared food several times.

I told you earlier that they worked late Thursday.

When it came time for them to leave Friday, it was hard to see them go!

But they left behind some beautiful work! Bro. Mitch, Bro. Jayson, Colton, Cinch and Braden worked so hard. The smaller kids and Sis. Lynn and Sis. Brittany worked hard too! We are very thankful for all that they contributed toward this special project! Their work is excellent!

The roof is taupe color like the barn roof but the trim, soffits and porch ceilings are white. It really looks great!

I think that wraps up the roof part of the construction. I am working inside this week and we had some visitors Monday. I will try to tell you more about that tomorrow.

I hope you have a great day. Thank you for dropping in to sit a spell.


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