Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Tale of Two Houses

Today was a working on the house day. Kelly Jo helped me for several hours, Dad and Mom stopped by and my brother Steve helped a few hours in the afternoon. It was a pretty productive day but it was slow starting since my material and tools were put away.

I will have pictures and description of Tuesday's work later in the week but I do have a couple of pictures from the house for you today.

These pictures show what was waiting for us when we went in the house Monday night.

Dad installed all of the plugs and switches in the house the last few days! Even though the panel is not energized yet, having plugs and switches is a huge step toward having power at Odie's fingertips!

Speaking of power, everything is ready and we are waiting on Duke Energy to fire things up. Dad and my cousin Gary mounted the meter base and that finished up the electrical ditch we dug a few weeks ago.

That was then.

This is now!

Duke said it could take up to three weeks to run the wire and hook it up and that is OK. We are really not in a big hurry but having power hooked up is a big step.

Another House

Kelly Jo, Odie and my parents went down to see Kelly's Dad and Mom and the new house they are building. They are really making progress and yesterday evening was probably the only opportunity for any of us to see it while we are home this week. It really looks awesome!

They are beginning the roof today!

We love their beautiful property and we are excited to see the house begin to take shape!

The rest of the week will be consumed with working on the house and preparing for my niece's wedding. Deidre is a "little" excited and we are "kind of" excited for her and Ben. She is getting married right next door so about the only thing I have to do is show up. Should be easy peasy, at least for me.

Thanks for reading today.


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