Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #41

I mentioned the tragic murders in Las Vegas yesterday in my hastily written Substitute Weekend Post. As more details are discovered and released, the more disastrous it becomes. 

A deplorable sick man wanted to kill hundreds if not thousands of people. No matter what his political bent or demented motive, (No one knows either yet) he is a terrorist. He is no hero! He was not courageous. His cowardly acts were not noble, but despicable and wretched.

As of Monday night the death toll stands at 59. Each life lost is a tragedy. Families are grieving and friends and loved ones are left alone. Let us pray for those left behind and let us also pray for our nation and our leaders. Politicians and news outlets were immediately using the tragedy as a call to divide but I am asking God to give a space of unity and peace for those that desire it.

Weekend Woundup and Weview

Friday we posted a Revival In Pictures post. Revival was not quite over so we have a few more pictures from the final night on Friday.

Saturday was a day of rest. Kelly Jo and Odie spent some of it resting while shopping and I spent most of it preparing for Sunday. I did work a little on a bus project but mostly I rested and tried to be ready to preach Homecoming on Sunday.

Saturday afternoon we followed Bro. and Sis Williamson and their daughter and son-in-law Rachael and Kevin across the state line to Mississippi. They were taking us to a new catfish place with good reviews and it was really good. It is called JR's Catfish House. It is located in the community of Agricola but the address is Lucedale.

We had a great meal, great service and super great fellowship! It was a great Saturday evening with wonderful friends.

The Williamson's really are wonderful friends. We thank God pretty often for bringing them into our lives. We have known them for nearly 30 years and they have always been very kind and welcoming to us.

However, it was about 12 years ago that Bro. Donnie became a real encourager to us. God has used him tremendously with phone calls, text messages and personal conversations. Praise God for his friendship and the friendship of Sis. Gayla too.

Bro. Donnie has motivated his people in the church to love and embrace us as well. May God bless every one of them for their courtesy, graciousness and affection toward us.

Sunday morning was Homecoming at Tanner Williams Holiness Church and what a Homecoming it was! The house was full of folks from the community and church folks and the spirit of the Lord was moving from the beginning to the end.

The meal was excellent as always!!!

Davy and The Apostle Pastor Donald C. Williamson

Usually Tanner Williams has Homecoming service, a big dinner and then we go back into the church and sing for 45 minutes to an hour. They changed it up this year. The had a bit more singing during the Homecoming service and dinner was the grand finale.

That cut us loose about 2 hours earlier than normal and opened an option we were not considering before hand. The Isaacs were singing at a baptist church in Mississippi about 2 1/2 hours away. It began at 6:00 and we were leaving Tanner Williams about 2:40 so that would work. 

It was only about 70 miles out of our way going north. We decided to go for it at the last minute and away we went.

It added a little driving but it was a good decision. We were blessed to be with family, enjoy good singing, rest our minds and to see good friends.

Pastor Scott Morris had Homecoming at First Assembly with no church Sunday night as well. They loaded up a few and attended the concert too. That was an extra treat.

We visited for a while afterward and then left about 10:30 or so. I had already preached and sang Sunday morning, drove the bus about 130 miles Sunday afternoon, so I was only able to drive about 265 miles Sunday night before giving up. We stopped and slept a few hours Monday morning in a rest area north of Birmingham, Alabama.

We managed to hit Nashville at a good time Monday and sailed through without any slowdowns. Cincinnati was a different story but we took the bypass around with no major traffic tie-ups. We pulled onto the Ranch and parked next to the barn about 6:00 PM Monday after about 475 miles for the day.

I was a very whipped pup but the girls convinced me that I had enough energy to drink a little salsa. It was rough but I made it through without too much damage.

It was all wonderful as usual.

Well, that brings you up to date on the weekend. Thank you for stopping in to read today.


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