Saturday, October 7, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Deidre Shoemaker

Hey Friends,

This is Odie checking in from the soon to be rolling BoggsMobile. We are West Plains, Missouri bound. I am looking forward to a fantastic week with Pastor Dwain Galiher and our friends at Junction Hill Pentecostal Church.

This week has been filled with wedding preparation for my cousin Deidre Boggs. It is unbelievable that my baby cousin/sister is now married. I have dreamed and prayed with Deidre about this day for along time and now it is a day in history. It was a privilege to be by her side to see it unfold.

Deidre was blessed to find Ben. I am so thankful God brought them together. Deidre and Ben tied the knot last night. They are now Mr. and Mrs. Shoemaker. I am thrilled for them. We are excited to officially welcome Ben into our family. They were blessed with a beautiful wedding and a fabulous day.

Below are several pictures. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into the weekend. First here are a few pictures I snapped during the day and at the rehearsal dinner. Thank you to the Shoemaker family for a delicious feast from City Barbecue. 

Wedding Day Fun

The rest of the pictures are pre and post wedding. 

Everything turned out fabulous. It was great to see so family and friends. Now I am exhausted and I plan to sleep all the way to Missouri. 

Thanks for reading. Have a fantastic weekend. 


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