Friday, October 20, 2017

Revival In Pictures - Bethany Revival Center

We have only had three revival services at Bethany so far this year but it is time for our Revival In Pictures post. It honestly seems like we have had more services than only three for two reasons. Number one, each revival service has been excellent! Number two, we have also had two services at the Sedgwick County Jail.

I love preaching in the jail services each year and this year was no exception. God moved in the service Wednesday and Thursday morning and the men responded to His touch. Praise God for His help and praise God for the men's response.

Bro. Charles Mitchell makes sure that all of my paper work is in order each year so that I can enter the jail and preach. If he did not stay on top of the changes and communicate them to me, I would not be able to enter. 

He also plays the piano in the services and leads the worship. The men there love him and that furthers my ministry among them too. The jail services are a real blessing to me.

Our first revival at Bethany Revival Center was in August of 2003. We have been here every year so this is the 15th year in a row. We appreciate Pastor John and Sis. Judy DiZazzo inviting us each year and we appreciate all of these fine people opening their arms to welcome us each and every visit. It is a joy to be here!

You did not come to hear me rattle on today so let us get to the pictures. Thank you for stopping by today.


Grandmother Mitchell is now 95 years old and still getting around good.

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