Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What Is The Cost of Friendship?

What is the cost of friendship? It may seem like friendship is free but it is not. Being a true friend will cost you an investment of time. You will have to invest your emotions and give deeply of yourself if you will ever be a true friend. There is no room for selfishness in sincere friendship.

With a six year old, friendship may cost you even more than that!

This is Odie and Adrianne Galiher last week.

And me and Adrianne this past weekend.

Adrianne is the youngest daughter of Bro. Dwain and Sis. Brenda Galiher. She was six the first time we were here in revival in August 2003. I have always tried to win over the preacher's kids at churches where we preach. 

We arrived on Saturday and by Sunday evening it was plain to see that I was not having much success with Adrianne. 

We were on our way to McDonald's after church the first night and Adrianne was riding with us. She loved Odie like all kids do. I ask Adrianne if she would be my friend for the week. She answered, "No."

Then I asked her if she would be my friend for one dollar. She said, "No, but I would for five dollars."😀

It was hilarious! We arrived at McDonald's and I gave her the five dollars. That was the trick. We were suddenly the best of friends.

Adrianne was my friend during the whole revival without any hesitation or wavering.

At the end of revival, she said the five dollars was used up and she was no longer my friend! She was absolutely serious. We all laughed until we cried!

I have tried to stay paid up since then and our friendship seems to be on fairly solid ground! Although I do not dare ask to how much I owe.

Adrianne is a fine Godly young lady in college now and whatever the cost of her friendship, it is worth it.😀

This may cost me more that five dollars but I dug out some pictures from that first revival at Junction Hill. You have to see them. Here is my little friend, Adrianne.

Thank you for reading today.



  1. Bro Davie this is Wednesday the 18th we are in Slidell Brenda should be going into surgery shortly..Y'all please say a prayer for her and me..Love y'all


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