Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Dad (Eugene) Has Been Busy

A Blog Note:
I usually post early in the morning and very occasionally post late at night. When we are in the west my post times get a little less predictable. I will try to get it up late at night so the early morning readers will not miss out. Because even if I post at 5:30 AM in California, that is 8:30 AM in Ohio. At least you will know what is going on.

Dad (Eugene) Has Been Busy
We have had some confusion through the years concerning use of the words, "Dad" and "Mom" on the blog. When I (Davy) write about my Dad (Eugene), people sometimes think it is Odie referring to her Dad (Davy). When I (Davy) write about my Mom (Martha), people sometimes think it is Odie referring to her Mom (Kelly Jo).

The confusion is not contained to the blog. Several years ago I was suffering terribly through the night with what we found out later to be a kidney stone. For about 3 1/2 hours I was afraid that I was going to die. The next 3 1/2 hours I was afraid that I was not going to die and continue to live a few more hours in pain.

Odie picked up her phone and taxt (Taxt is my own form of the past tense of text. Texted is so awkward😏) Anyway, Odie taxt some dear friends that her Dad (Davy) was in desperate need of prayer. These dear friends received the text, crawled out of bed in the night and diligently prayed for my Dad (Eugene). It was a simple mistake. 

Of course, I about died and my Dad (Eugene) was suddenly feeling miraculously better!😁 We all had a good laugh about it later.

How can you know which "Dad" or "Mom" is being referenced? The key to understanding is to know who is doing the talking (writing). We probably do not make it clear who is writing some days.

I usually write Sunday through Friday and Odie writes the blog on Saturday. Odie makes a point when she writes on Saturday and when she occasionally writes through the week, to identify herself at the beginning of the post. Like, "Hey, this is Odie writing today."

The rest of the time, I commence to writing without introduction, assuming you know it is me (Davy) and that when I talk about my Dad you know it is Eugene and when I talk about my Mom it is Martha.

Now that I have cleared that up, my Dad (Eugene) has been busy at the house while we have been busy living "The Life of Riley". He has been working on the electrical panel and finishing the other electric since Duke energized the house. He also mows and keeps everything looking nice.

He hung the porch light a few weeks ago but now it has power and at night will light up the gravel where the porch is going to be.

I told you that we had purchased 12 LED trims for the house when we were last home. We installed those in the high can lights that required the scaffolding.

We would have ordered all 18 trims needed for that room but they only had 12 in stock. We wanted to make sure the other 6 matched perfectly so we ordered 6 more at the sale price of $10. It turns out we had to order in quantities of 4 so we ordered 8.

My brother Steve and his wife wanted to order the rest of the trims that were needed while they were on sale. We needed 31, so with quantities of 4 they ordered 32. They have helped on the house so much, physically and financially and we appreciate it very much. They have been a huge encouragement.

All those lights came in the other day and my Dad went to Menard's to pick them up. Have you ever purchased much from Menard's? You gotta love their prices and selections but picking up special orders, big orders or items from the yard in back is a hassle.

It goes something like this.
Stand in line to show your paper work here. 
Now, go over there and stand in line and show your paper work there. 
Go to the back and find some one or stand in line to pull your order. 
Drive your truck around back, show your paper work and load up. 
Pull up to the gate, show your paper work, open your tailgate, show your driver's license, sign away your first born's social security benefits and then go home.

Dad waded through all of that and I am sure he was ready to take a nap after the whole ordeal!

Next, Dad installed temporary breakers in the panel, put up all the LED trims, made sure all the switches and receptacles work!

Now, that looks like a house! Thank you Dad!

But that is not all. I told you about the power cord we invested in rather than throwing money at a temporary electric pole for the house. We ran 100 amps from the barn instead. One of the cords has 8 receptacles in a water tight box. I already had the box and we purchased the rest and Dad put it all together back in April. I will eventually put that to work in tent revivals.

The house for Odie now has power and does not need the cord any longer so Dad drove below Hillsboro and wired it into my Father-in-law's temporary pole to provide good power and 8 outlets while Danny builds their home.

Kelly Jo's parents are making a lot of headway on their new home the last several weeks. I hope to have several pictures of that to post soon.

You can see my Dad (Eugene) has been busy while Odie's Dad (Me) has been monkeying around in Missouri, Kansas and now Colorado the last two + weeks. It is a good thing that some one is working.

Thanks Dad! We do appreciate it and we love seeing pictures of the progress!

Hey, thank you friends for dropping in to read the blog today. Thank you for letting us know you enjoy it.


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