Thursday, October 5, 2017

Pockets And Pendants

Yesterday I promised an update on what I have been doing on the house and a few pictures. Today I deliver both of those things to you.

The house has three 36" pocket doors, four 42" pocket doors, a 36" closet door, a 48" set of double closet doors and three 36" exterior doors. All of the pocket doors have split jams and that was new for me. I have never messed with pocket doors at all until this house so it was all a learning experience for me.

I had hung all the pocket doors before we left last time. I have now installed all the split jams, regular jams on the door knob side and trimmed all the doors too. 

Here is a picture in the hallway. There are 42" pocket doors into the bedrooms and a 36" pocket door to the hall bathroom.

Odie is going for a beach cottage style so really simple trim is the order of the day. All the trim is primed 1x4 and will eventually be bright white like the doors.

Kelly Jo prepared street tacos for lunch and we ate them in the house. Wow! Wow! Wow! Plus we had leftover salsa from Acapulco! Wow again!

Dad installed two of the pendant lights in the kitchen. Kelly Jo and Odie chose real well on these lights. They are beautiful and match the grand scheme perfectly. They are also super light.

She has one over the regular height sink centered in the window.

And one that will be centered over her small dining table.

She will have three more over the island. We hope to hang them this week too.

Now back to more doors. This is the pocket door between the kitchen and the utility room.

The coat closet.

This is a 36" pocket door that separates her bedroom and her roll in closet.

Open the pocket door and this is what you find, a reinforced metal safe room door.

I also started trimming the window sills and various other things as well. Today we continue. 

Thanks for reading.



  1. House is looking good..Special house for a special girl..Love y'all

    1. Thank you, Smitty11. I’m excited!


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