Saturday, October 21, 2017

Wichita Workout With Shopping and Wheelchairs

Hey Friends, 

Welcome to the weekend! This is Odie checking in from Wichita, Kansas. We have enjoyed being with Pastors John and Judy DiZazzo. Our time here is always full of laughter and good times. Dad posted a bunch of pictures yesterday of our dear friends at Bethany.

The Lord has blessed us nightly with great services and wonderful results around the altar this week. It is a blessing to see the congregation at Bethany Revival Center receiving strength and encouragement. We have 3 more services tonight and tomorrow left in this revival. I am anticipating great things from God. 

The highlight for me coming to Wichita is see my dear friends. One of those dear friends is Sis. Esther Richards. God placed Esther in my life to be an encourager. She has faithfully encouraged me even when things have been tough for her. My day is always brighter when Esther is involved. She has a smile, laugh and attitude that is contagious. Esther is definitely a blessing to our family. 

I came across a shirt like this online the other day. I agree shopping is my workout. 🤣 It is hard work sometimes but always fun. 

Thursday we made a visit to the Dillard’s outlet here in Wichita. Mom and I enjoy shopping at Dillard’s Outlet when we can. You never know what you might find. This one was well stocked and had some great sales. I came out with a few good bargains. But we definitely had a great time bargain hunting. 

Esther came along for this adventure too. We talked her into using my scooter.  We knew we would wear her out shopping! 

Sis. Karen Mitchell joined us for this fun outing. Sorry I ran out of wheelchairs to share with Mom and Sis. Karen. They had to watch out for us crazy wheelchair drivers. I think the hardest part for them was trying to find us among the clothing racks. 

Thanks for stopping by to visit. Have a fantastic weekend. 



  1. Odie, your are too kind!! I smile a lot because you make me smile! You are a great inspiration! I love you Odie, and I look forward weeks ahead of time to you visiting again. For me, it is always a joy!

  2. Thank you so much my sweet friend Esther!


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