Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #43

This Weekend Woundup post has lots of pictures from the last few days of revival, including four services that we enjoyed very, very much. I hope the folks here at Junction Hill enjoyed revival at least half as much as we have. It has been refreshing for me and for our family.

HERE are a bunch more pictures from revival that we posted on Friday. 

The first picture today is from Odie's camera. This is Daisy. Say, "Hi" to everyone, Daisy!

Sis. Galiher is one of the best cooks in the known world (You others know who you are) and we have enjoyed sitting at her table this week.

There's my sweet little plumpkin!

Odie with Sis. Tricia Hight

I took this picture as a memorial to our first visit to Amber's home. It is beautiful and we are so thankful for her.

Who knew that Sis. Galiher is an artist? Raise your hand if you knew. I do not see any hands. Now you know and here is the proof.

She also drives a mean side by side! This thing is fun!

Sis. Brentni drove over from western Kentucky to be with us on Odie's birthday! God bless you Brentni.

We have had visits from several local Pastors and preachers this week but Odie caught Pastor Spurlock in action. He helped me sing a bit during a great service Saturday night.

After church Saturday night, Sis. Galiher presented a homemade Hostess Ding Dong Cake! Trust me, friends, that cake was the real thing!!! Wow!

Sunday was Pastor Appreciation for the Galiher family. They have been here as Pastor over 19 years and God has certainly blessed their ministry. It was a privilege and an honor to be a part of the joyous occasion! The Galihers have had an enormous impact on our family and we love them very much.

Bro. Ray Riggs sent a few pictures from the Pastor Appreciation dinner too.

The service Sunday night was very special. God visited folks during the singing and it transformed into a tremendous altar service. I am constantly amazed at the providence of God! He loves people and goes out of His way to demonstrate it! Praise God!

We enjoyed our time at Junction Hill Pentecostal Church this year and the weekend capped it off in a wonderful way. We are already looking forward to the next time we are blessed to come back.

Thank you for joining us today.



  1. Thank you so much for fitting JHPC into your busy schedule! It certainly has been a week of "REVIVE-all" for us folks here at JHPC.

    God Bless!

    1. Bro. Ray,

      I was our happy privilege to be with you all at Junction Hill. We are praising God for His touch! Thank you for being our friends.


  2. Hey, I had a crash course on Bus driving back in October, if you need me and my co-pilot Nolan just let us know. We will let Kelly do the parallel parking! Miss you all and are still rejoicing over the revival. Love, Sis. G

    1. A "CRASH" course? That is a little scary. 😳
      We have a 1200 mile run to make next week. We could use an extra driver!🚌
      Come on out!


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