Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Travel Days and Revival

We are planning to cover quite a few miles between revivals the next few weeks so we are trying to be as smart as we can be with our travel days. I used to think I was a wimp if I could not drive at least 1000 miles a day! Time has made a change in me and I have to ration my travel days now.

We are trying to travel smarter. We only had about 400 miles between West Plains, Missouri and Wichita, Kansas but decided to take both days to cover the distance. So Monday and Tuesday were both travel days. 

It was beautiful and cool late Monday morning when we pulled out of Junction Hill Church. Sis. Galiher pulled the bus to the edge of the parking lot so I could hook up the Green Machine. I think she has a future in bus driving.

Soon we were ready to go.

We stopped near Carthage, Missouri for a late lunch with Bro. Mitch Boggs Jr. and Bro. Jason Fellers. They were working right next door to a roadside restaurant with lots of parking. We had a good meal and great fellowship! We laughed until we nearly hurt.

11 miles later we stopped at Colaw. It is an RV salvage place and they sell new and used parts. We have been doing business here since 2002 and we love to stop in when we are passing through during business hours. We only found about $90 worth of stuff that we could not live without. That is not too bad for me and Colaw!

We stopped 11 miles later at Flying J in Joplin. We emptied our holding tanks and filled up with diesel. There was no one in line to empty the holding tanks but the fuel line took forever. We were at Flying J over an hour total.

We drove to a rest area north of Cherryvale, Kansas on Hwy 400 and decided to stop for the night. We were only about 125 miles from Wichita but I am trying to pace myself so we stopped.

KJ prepared a little snack before bed time and it was delicious as usual!

We had a peaceful night's rest and Tuesday morning we were off to the races.

We pulled into Bethany Revival Center about 11:30 and hit the ground running. We love parking here. It is a great place with great utility hookups and a beautiful new parking lot. The entrance is wide too. What is not to love?

We set up sound, had a fun sound check and then prepared for service. The first service is critical for the tone of revival most of the time and God helped us all Tuesday night. I am looking for a great week!

Here are a few pictures from revival to wet your appetite for more later in the week.

That was the end of our two travel days and first night of revival. Pray for me this morning and Thursday morning. I will be preaching at the Sedgwick County jail both days. I have been doing this for years and I always need the Lord to help me. I want to be effective there.

Thank you for stopping in today. 



  1. I remember them 1000 mile days..Now 250 or 300..Heaven looking sweeter all the time..Want be no tired bones..Be safe..


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