Saturday, October 14, 2017

50 Years and 32 Years and Counting

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in today from West Plains, Missouri. We have throughly our time here at Junction Hill Pentecostal Church. It has been a blessing to experience God visiting each service of revival in a special way. We have theee more revival services ahead and I am expecting great things. 

As always we love being with Pastor Dwain Galiher, Sis. Brenda, Amber, Autumn, and Adrianne. We have a lot of great memories with them. We have added to that list of memories this time around. They are great people.

The Galihers have been a super encouragement to us through the years. Bro. Galiher's preaching has spoken to us in revivals, youth camps and camp meetings time and time again. Their fellowship has been uplifting to us every time we are together. We are privileged to call them our friends!

50 Years

Today is the official wedding anniversary of my grandparents, Danny and Betty Morgan. We celebrated their golden anniversary early while we were home back in August. You can read about the celebration by clicking here. That was the celebration but today is the big day, 50 years!

I just wanted to say an official Happy 50th Anniversary, Gran and Papaw!!  I love you both more than I love ice cream, and that is a lot of love. 😀  Oh I wish we could enjoy an ice cream together today. 

I can never thank my Papaw enough for working his magic on the house being built for my future!  He has made everything look way better than I even imagined. I appreciate all of his long hard hours of labor. The added bonus of getting to spend  extra time with Gran and Papaw in the process was awesome too! 

32 Years

Today also marks 32 years that I have been in their family. I think it was mighty nice of me to be born two months early so I could debut on Gran and Papaw's anniversary. 

Thank you to my friends and family for all of the birthday greetings. I appreciate your kindness. I especially thank God for keeping me another year. I have been blessed with a pretty amazing life. I am eternally grateful to the Lord for His many blessings upon me. 

Fun Fact :This is the second time I have spent a birthday in Missouri. I turned 18 in Joplin, Missouri and now 32 in West Plains. 

Last year I compiled a list of where I had been every year on October 14th. Today I wanted to update that list for future reference. I have to archive things before my memory fails me in my old age. 

October 14, 1985, I was born in Dayton, Ohio at Miami Valley Hospital. It was on a Monday night, Columbus Day and the day after the Sauerkraut Festival in our hometown of Waynesville, Ohio. That is why I say I have sauerkraut flowing through my veins.

1-5 Ohio. 
I know I had birthday parties for each of those birthdays. The first one I actually remember was my third birthday party. We were supposed to be in revival in Texas for my 5th birthday but our car broke down. Revival was delayed a few days and I spent my birthday in Ohio.

6 Dundee, Florida. 
I had a birthday party with the school kids from a church in Dundee, Florida at the park. 

7 San Francisco, California. 
We had a small party in our hotel room with Pastor Rickey Searcy and family. 

8-13 Ohio 
There was a lot of birthday parties going on those years as well!

14 Ohio
We lived in Kansas but we were in revival in Ohio on my birthday. 

15-16 Kansas 
For my 15th birthday I remember that we had company visiting from Ohio. 
My 16th birthday was October 14, 2001, my Pastor Bro. Bennie Sutherland had been preaching a meeting the weekend of my birthday in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He came to Wichita Kansas and preached the Sunday night of my birthday at our church. Then my parents had a surprise party for me after church at Godfather's Pizza!

17 Texas
We were living in Kansas but traveling to preach our first revival in El Mirage, Arizona. We stopped and ate a birthday dinner in Amarillo, Texas. That was my first visit to The Big Texan. 

18 Missouri
We were in revival for Bro. Dwayne Watson  in Joplin, Missouri. Dad and Mom had to spend the whole day working on problems with our old fifth wheel trailer. Little did I know after church they had planned a surprise party with a bunch of my friends from Missouri and Kansas at Wendy's. I have a funny memory from that night. My birthday cake had blue icing and the majority of us ended up having blue teeth after eating birthday cake. I have pictures to prove it.

19 Ohio
I was home in Ohio spending the weekend with my family and going to the Sauerkraut Festival. That is the last time I was home for the festival.

20 Georgia
We were near Atlanta, Georgia in revival. I had a superb birthday lunch at Ruth's Chris steakhouse. It was so good that I still remember it to this day. And Dad took me shopping!! It was a wonderful day.

21 Texas
We were in revival in Gainesville, Texas for this one.

22 North Carolina
We were in revival at Paw Creek in Charlotte, North Carolina.

23 Tennessee
We were in revival at Beechfork for Bro. Herman Woods in Tennessee.

24 Oklahoma
We were in Sandsprings, Oklahoma in revival for Bro. Darrell Toliver.

25 California
We were in Riverdale, California preparing to record our live album "Havin' Church" the next day.
26 Tennessee
We were in Tennessee in revival Beechfork Holiness Church. 

27 Louisiana
We were in revival in Pine Prairie, Louisiana.

28 Texas
We were in revival in Sweeney Texas.

29 California
We Were in revival in Bloomington, California.

30 Alabama
The Blue And White Tent was up in Millry, Alabama. 

31 North Carolina
We were having City Reach under the tent in Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

32 Missouri
We are in revival in West Plains, Missouri at Junction Hill Pentecostal Church. Autumn Galiher also had a birthday this week on the 10th. So we are celebrating birthdays today. Happy Birthday Autumn!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Many of you have been apart of my life’s journey. If you been with me for 32 years or just a short while, I am thankful to have you as family and friends. 



  1. Happy Happy Birthday!!!

    I am very glad to have had you along for the ride for 32 years and I am looking forward to you hanging around with us for many, many more!

    I love you more than a hog loves slop and you KNOW how much hogs love slop!


  2. Thank you so much Daddy! I love you more than a hog loves slop too!! It’s been a wil, crazy but fun adventure for 32 years. Thanks for making it awesome!


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