Friday, October 27, 2017

Liberty Holiness Church - Castle Rock, Colorado

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We are very excited to be back at Liberty Holiness Church in Castle Rock, Colorado. 

The church began in 2013 and had been meeting in homes. We had a wonderful time with them our first visit in 2015. We enjoyed revival, seeing old friends and we even climbed the trail to THE Castle Rock. We loved our time with the McCoy's and looked forward to returning.

The real estate in this part of Colorado is booming and prices have been souring for a few years. It looked like it was absolutely impossible for the church to even rent a building. Rent for commercial space is measured in multiples of thousands here, not hundreds.

Then a miracle happened!

In February of 2016 the Lord marvelously made a way for the church to move out of the basement of the Pastor's home and into a rented building in town. The rent they pay is very minimal for the area. You can read about it HERE. It was neat to actually see the location with our own eyes when we arrived for church Wednesday night. 

They rent space from a children's dance studio. The building has parking, stage, sound system and theater style seats. It is well suited for their needs and the price is right.

I will try to snap a picture in the daytime but this is how it looked Thursday night with a little snow on the ground.

God blessed them in an amazing way with the building and they are praying for a harvest of souls for the Lord. We are here to assist in that and we are determined to do our best to help them reach the lost this week and to encourage them as the family of God. 

Please pray for us in revival this week and continue to pray for Pastor James McCoy and his band of believers long after we are gone.

I always appreciate you taking time to read the blog.


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