Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Revival In Pictures - Bethany Revival Center II

We had four more services of revival after our Revival In Pictures post last Friday so we have several more pictures from revival to show you. First I have a few pictures from inside the sanctuary. I absolutely love the inside of the church. 

It was built as a Methodist church and Bethany Revival Center purchased it a few years ago. It was only six blocks from their old location but was much bigger and on an main city thoroughfare. They have repaired and remodeled extensively but very little had to be done in the sanctuary.

I love they way they used to build churches in years gone by. IF God every makes me settle in one place, I hope he sends me to an inner city with a beautiful old church building like that!

Now for some more pictures. It looks like Odie caught me thirsty right after I finished preaching.

Odie and I both tried hard to make friends with little Grace all week long. She was apprehensive of Odie's wheelchair but she was warming up toward the end.

That wraps up all the pictures from the revival. Thank you for visiting the blog today.


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