Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekend Woundup and Weview #44

We had another great weekend wrapping up revival at Bethany Revival Center in Wichita, Kansas. Pastor John DiZazzo and his folks came to church hungry every night for a move of God and God honored us all by working in our lives and in our hearts. Praise God!

Sunday morning was especially good. God spoke very tenderly to His people and was obviously reaching in grace and mercy to each person present. I would love to duplicate that service and the pull of the Holy Ghost in every revival in every place we go to minister.

The spirit of the Lord combined with wonderful fellowship with great friends made for a wonderful weekend that we will treasure in our memories for a while. Wow! God sure is good to us!

We knew that Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe was planning to come to Wichita for a couple of services and it was a joy to him pull up mid morning on Saturday. We had not seen him since August when he was in Ohio working on the custom tile shower in the house we are building for Odie.

Saturday Bro. Jimmie corrected a situation I had been trying to correct in the BoggsMobile. I had developed a leak in one of the fresh water lines in one of the bays underneath and I could not get it stopped.

These two water lines go from the water bay to the bay that holds the water heater.

One takes cold water to the water heater and the other carries hot water back. One or both of these compression fittings started leaking. They have only been there for 22-23 years and 325,000 miles. What's up with that?

I tightened them but that was not the problem. Bro. Jimmie removed them and put in PEX 90's and had the leaks repaired in few minutes. 

We were rushing against rain coming so no pictures of the progress. I will take a picture of the fix later. Thank you, Bro. Jimmie.

It was great to have him in service with us Saturday night and Sunday morning. We enjoyed his fellowship very much!

We also had a big surprise from Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan when they walked in Saturday night for service.

If you are keeping count, and we are, that makes three times the Mayhan's have shown up and surprised us in 2017 and four times in 12 months.

They were in Fayetteville North Carolina City Reach one year ago.

They were in Ellisville, Mississippi in February.

And last month in Vermont.

Then they came to visit us this weekend on their 35th wedding anniversary. Wow! 

They live a lot closer this time, 3+ hours, so I kind of expected they might slip in Friday night. Once Friday came and went, I let my guard down. They shocked my socks off when they came up to my seat before church and asked if they could sit there! These dear friends deserve a huge chocolate chip cookie!

We had another visitor from Oklahoma Sunday morning. Sis. Charity Hayden drove up to be in service with us and it was a special treat.

We met Sis. Charity a year ago at the aforementioned City Reach Fayetteville. She was moving that week to Oklahoma and we had not seen her since then.

With all the special visitors and dear friends here in Wichita, PLUS a great visitation from God in the services, it was a wonderful weekend indeed.

We have several more pictures from revival services over the weekend but this post has probably gone on long enough. I will try to put up a revival in pictures post tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.


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