Monday, March 14, 2016

#11 Weekend Woundup and Weview

We had a fun and exciting weekend in and around Bloomington, California. We had arrived at Bloomington Pentecostal Church of God Thursday evening so the travel part was already completed. All we had to do Friday was get ready for church that night. We had some tacos, visited with the school kids and set up our sound system before church time rolled around.

Friday night service was great and we really enjoyed being with Pastor John Deatherage and all his folks again. This is our third visit here through the years and we have loved it every time. Bro. Deatherage and his people are busy with all types of outreach ministries and it shows. God is sending folks to them and saving folks through them. I love that!

High on the agenda Saturday was washing hundreds and hundreds of miles of road grime off the BoggsMobile and Green Machine. It was way past due and it felt good to make some progress on it. It takes me about an hour to drag out the hoses and brushes and to wash the front and back of the bus, the tires and wheels and all of the stainless. I can do it a little quicker with Kelly Jo helping me.

We drove up into the mountains for lunch with the Deatherage family. The drive up there is beautiful and the meal and fellowship were great as well. Soon it was time for church on Saturday night and God blessed in the service. We had a great response in the altar and we are thankful for that.

Saturday night was shortened by the change to Daylight Savings Time and none of us liked that one bit. We change time zones back a forth a lot in our travels and you would think losing an hour in the spring would be no problem. In the last three weeks we have been in Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific but Daylight Savings Time seems to wear us out! Maybe it is all in our head but our heads sure are tired of it!

Sunday was a full blessed day of church. We had revival services Sunday morning and Sunday night here in Bloomington and then service at 2:00 at their Lytle Creek branch. All three services were great and we enjoyed singing and preaching each service.

I will try to post pictures Tuesday from revival. Today we move a few miles to the Prevost service center in Mira Loma. We headed over there after revival last time we were here too. Hopefully it will be a simple in and out visit. I will let you know more later.

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