Saturday, March 19, 2016

Historic and Holiness Heroes

Hello Friends,

This is Odie once again checking in from the beautiful state of California. We have had a great week in the Los Angeles area. So many people here need God and we are trying to spread the good news of the Gospel to as many as we can. I pray we can be an instrument to point them toward God in some way. 

Historic Hero

Thursday morning I was able to check something off my bucket list. We are parked in an RV Park in north Los Angeles and our days and nights have been pretty full all week. Dad surprised me one day by announcing we were taking a few hours to go some where that I have wanted to go for years.

We visited The Ronald Reagan Presidiential Library and Museum. We are parked 26 miles away and Dad figured we may never be this close again. I am so glad we were able to go and enjoy the museum and library on an absolutely beautiful California Day. It was perfect.

President Ronald Reagan was one of our nations greatest presidents. He was president in 1985 when I was born and I am proud to be a "Reagan Baby". We are Reagan fans in my family. For years I have loved reading history about President and Mrs. Reagan and I have wanted to visit the library. 

We had a great day Thursday. Thanks, Dad, for making it possible for me to go and experience this unforgettable place. We all took pictures and I will let Dad post more of the pictures in a future post. You can read more on The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library website.

I think President Ronald Wilson Reagan is someone worth admiring in our nation's history. He accomplished many great things as Governor and President. He is an Historic Hero. But Historic Heroes are not my only heroes.

Holiness Heroes

In January I wrote about two great people that I count as friends and heroes. You can read that post by clicking on the highlighted words in the last sentence. Today I wanted to tell you about another one of my heroes, 

Our 40th President Ronald Reagan, was an outstanding Californian! One of my holiness heroes is another Californian. Sis. Cindy Burris of Atwater, California is no stranger to our blog readers. She may never be found in our American History books but she should be! Sis Cindy has left her mark on many families including our Boggs Family History. I can not imagine our lives without this precious lady. 

Sis. Cindy is a wonderful wife to Bro Cliff and a loving Mother to Pastor Jared (Sis. Valerie), Bro. Benji (Sis. Laura) and Sis. Miriam (Bro. Jake). She is also an amazing Grandma to all of her ever growing number of grandchildren. I have even adopted "Grandma Cindy" as my California Grandma. 

Countless people call her friend. You know that to have friends you must show yourself friendly. Sis. Cindy is a true friend in every sense of the word and she definitely goes out of her way to show herself friendly!

Grandma is awesome at everything she does. Everything I have eaten from her kitchen has been scrumptious. She is the ultimate hostess, always willing to fix a "fabi meal" and open her home for an spur of the moment party. Actually Grandma is the life of the party. It is always a blast to spend time with her. 

Sis. Cindy Burris is faithful member at Amazing Grace Tabernacle. She is a great piano player and singer and always dependable to be on the job. She is a there to support other singers and the preacher as well.  It is always a blessing to have her in the congregation when we are singing and preaching. 

More than anything Grandma is a Godly woman. She has lived her life for God. Her life is an example worth looking up to. I am thankful for the privilege to call her friend and Grandma. 

Grandma Cindy, I love you so much! Thank you showing others how to be a Godly person. I appreciate your friendship!

Thank you for reading today. 


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