Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Travel Day - Gainesville to Tucumcari

Mostly a travel log today because I need to crank up and get some more miles behind us.

We traveled about 425 miles Monday from Gainesville, Texas up to Amarillo and then over I-40 to the Flying J in Tucumcari, New Mexico. The road from Gainesville to Amarillo is good road but it is not interstate so we were only on the interstate about 120 miles. That makes the miles a little tougher on me but we made it fine.

We were hooked up and ready to leave the House of Prayer about 9:00.

I was a few hundred miles over my oil change interval so all day I was pointed toward the Speedco in Amarillo. This is a large Speedco with four lanes AND there was only one truck there when we pulled in our bay.

They did get slammed with trucks after we got there and the oil change on mine took a while but we got it completed. The old oil looked good in the analysis and the computer said I would have been good to go a few more miles before changing. That is good to know. I would probably never go more miles but I always breathe a little easier with a good report.

After parting with a few hundred dollars for that chore we went down the road a mile or two and stopped at The Big Texan. We love this place!

Odie's steak

Kelly Jo's steak

Davy's steak

It was still daylight when we finished at The Big Texan and we wanted to drive a few more miles. We were rewarded with a terrific sunset. The pictures can not do the beautiful display real justice especially with all the bug guts on the windshield but we had to try.

A few minutes after sunset we briefly crossed paths with our niece Deidre. She was riding on the OBI bus bound for Neosho and we met them at about Mile Marker 3 just before we crossed into New Mexico. We were beeping and flashing lights like crazy as we zoomed by. Hi! Deidre!

This is a pictures she took. I guess that is our headlights. I think you may be able to see Odie grinning in the front seat!

That was our travel day. More of the same today, by God's grace.

Thanks for reading.


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