Saturday, March 12, 2016

Looking Back At What God Has Done

Hey Friends,

It is Odie checking in from Bloomington, California. I think that we are finally adjusting to Pacific time, just in time to lose and hour on Sunday. Because of that, Dad's post went up a little late yesterday morning so HERE it is if you missed it.

This week we have covered lots of miles in California. I must say it feels great to be here! We had a wonderful time visiting with lots of friends. The church services we we had the privilege to be a part of were exactly what I needed. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the extra boost!

Looking Back At What God Has Done 

I have been thinking about things on my prayer list that I ask God to move in daily. Many things have been on there a long time. I have been taught all my life to Thank God for what He has done. When I remember the prayers that have been answered, it helps me to believe that He will move in the future. 

For me it is impossible to understand God's timing and road blocks He sometimes allows to be put in our path. Also it can be difficult to understand when the answer I get is a complete no.  But I know my God is powerful and He does work miracles. I refuse to give up believing in miracles. 

One section of my prayer list is dedicated to several of my friends that are waiting on the special gift of a child. I love children and it is special to me every time someone receives a little miracle of life.

I have been praying a lot lately for the little miracles to come in the future and some testimonies that are works in progress. Some stories can not be told here and then there are a few I look forward to telling you about when they happen. 

We are blessed to know many "miracle children" and I can not help but recall two miracles in one family, Caleb and Katie Sheffield. Their stories have been posted in the past but the testimony is worth repeating. I was reminiscing with their mother, Sis. Traci, last week. We were praising God together! Sis Traci kindly gave me permission to share the testimony here and provided me with recent pictures. 

In March 2010 Dad preached a message in Ellisville, Mississippi titled "Paint The Nursery." It was about Abraham and Sarah's promise of a son and how long they waited for their promise to be fulfilled. It was a night that you could just feel faith being built and a miracle was going to happen. It was definitely a God ordained service. 

Bro. Paul and Sis. Traci Sheffield had been waiting a long time for a child. After hearing Dad preach, Bro. Paul grabbed hold of faith to believe they would have a baby. He actually painted the nursery blue. In September 2010 a baby was born and through the miracle of adoption, Caleb Paul joined their family and moved into his painted nursery. 

March 2011

In March 2011 here on the blog Dad wrote these words about the Sheffield's miracle.

"In September they received a call from another county about a newborn in need of a home. Two days later they brought Caleb home from the hospital and placed him in the nursery they had painted by faith. Caleb was seven days old and they have had him ever since."

We continue to praise God for Caleb! He was and is an awesome answer to prayer.

January 2016

The Sheffield family's miracle did not end there. In 2013 Sis. Traci was not feeling well so she went to the doctor. They were shocked to find out the reason of the sickness. The Sheffield family was gaining a member. In November 2013 Sarah Katherine "Katie" was born. 

November 2013

I had the privilege of being in Mississippi the day Katie arrived. I visited the hospital when she had only been here a few hours and hold the miracle sent from Heaven. I will never forget that day.


We love every time we get to see the Sheffield family and hug these miracles. They are precious! 

Caleb loves my Dad so much that he named one of his fish Davy. I hear Caleb and Katie both check on Davy daily. 

Thank you reading today. Join us in praising God for all the things that He has done. He is alive and He is able to help us even today! 

Just a reminder, tonight is the night our clocks spring forward. You do not want to be late for Sunday school tomorrow. 



  1. Odie, you know just how special this blog post is to me. I am one of the names on your list. I believe whole heartedly that our child is on the way, and that her little life will be a testament of God's goodness, love and promise. Terry and I love your family beyond words.

    Brandi Jean

    1. Brandi,
      Yes, I am believing with you and Terry! It is gonna happen on God's time table and we will shout the victory together. Keep the Faith and do not give up!! We love you all!


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