Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Amazing Gordon Mote

Hey Friends, 

This Odie checking in from a rolling BoggsMobile. Today we are traveling to California. This week we have covered many miles. These long trips are extremely taxing on Dad but he does an outstanding job getting us to our destination safely. We are thankful for the Lord's protection as we travel. 

I have enjoyed getting to spend a few days in the Phoenix, Arizona area. This is beautiful place and one of our favorites. We will be back here for City Reach in less than 30 days. We would love to have all our friends join us for City Reach Phoenix-El Mirage, Arizona. Check out Dad's post yesterday for more information. 

Regular readers know that our family loves the music and singing of Gordon Mote. If you are not familiar with the Gordon Mote, I encourage you to look him up online. He is an incredibly talented piano player and singer. Gordon has been blind since birth and he has played the piano since the age of three. He is one of the most sought after studio piano players in Nashville and he has won many awards. 

I first saw Gordon in concert in spring of 2006. I was completely blown away by his talent. He  continues to inspired me to overcome the obstacles in my life.

In 2013 my cousins The Isaacs released the song "I Wanna Be There." We have wrote about the song a few times here on the blog.

Gordon Mote was the inspiration for the first verse and the second verse was written about me. I count it a honor to share the song with Gordon Mote. He is a hero of mine. I do believe one day here on earth or in Heaven, Gordon and I will receive our complete healings! I can not wait for that day. 

Gordon traveled several years with the Gaither Homecoming Tour and we got to see him several times. I have not been able to see Gordon do a solo concert since he began traveling on his own again.

Last night Christian Life Fellowship in Phoenix had Gordon in concert. It worked out that Mom and I could attend the concert. I hate Dad was feeling under the weather and could not be with us! Pastor Fred and Sis Janice Behers welcomed us with open arms. It was great to meet them.

Wow is the word that best describes Gordon Mote's talent. It left me speechless and with a smile on my face!  It was a blast getting to enjoy this wonderful night with Mom next to me on the front seat. 

Well thank you for reading! I will close with the pictures from last night. 


Gordon' s Bus

Sis. Janice Behers, the pastor's wife, and me

Waiting for Gordon 

Mom and me

Pastor Fred  Behers 

Gordon Mote 

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