Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Will Work For Food!

We spent Monday evening with all of our Burris friends in Atwater, California. We had a wonderful meal and great fellowship in Bro. Cliff and Sis. Cindy's home. I am sure we will have pictures later. Being with them reminded me of some pictures I had of Bro. Jared and his family in Ohio a couple of months ago.

While we were home the latter part of December, I had a barn project going. Bro. Jared Burris from Atwater, California, (We affectionately call him California) was visiting Sis. Valerie's parents and he volunteered to jump in and help me. Wow! What an amazing help he was to me!

Sis. Valerie's parents live right down the road from us, so we are very close by. But I am sure Bro. Jared could have thought of a million other things to do. I am so thankful he spent three whole days with me. His son J.C helped one day and my brother Steve and my Dad helped a big bunch as well. May God bless them all.

We had some nice lunches down the road at Acapulco.

For all the hard work, Bro. Jared deserved more than Mexican food. Although a compelling case could be made for supreme value of really good salsa!

Man can not live by Salsa alone even though I have given it a good try.

So we ventured down to Rodizio for a terrific lunch one day. We had an awesome meal and great fellowship with our wonderful friends.

I am still indebted to Bro. Jared for all of his hard work but at least he was fed well! Thank you very much, my friend. I told my Dad that people would never believe I did all that work myself. Dad said, "I was there and even I don't believe it!" Lol

Thanks as well to my Dad and brother Steve for working hard too. My nephew Isaac worked for a few hours one day too and was a big help. Thanks to Steve and his wife Karen for helping us buy lots of materials. I could not have done it all right now without their help. May God bless you all!


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