Thursday, March 3, 2016

Travel Day and Desert Cove Assembly

We rested pretty well Tuesday night at the truck stop on I-17. Before we started toward Phoenix one of the roof air conditioners need a little attention. Kelly Jo and Odie could hear the third AC cover making noise our last few miles Tuesday so we figured it had lost a screw.

We do not have a ladder with us this trip and Kelly Jo can not lift me up through the escape hatch, but I can lift her. This is what she found on the two rear screws on the third AC cover. 

The cover was cracked and was now on the outside of the screw. so the screws were holding nothing. We drove it very hard winds for most of 1000 miles Monday and Tuesday and it does not take long in high winds to turn a small crack in the plastic into this. It would have only lasted a few miles before flying off and breaking into a million pieces.

I found big washers and Kelly Jo re-installed the screws with the washers. Then we put some tape on the cover for good measure. Maybe it will last until we find a good deal on a new cover.

Then we went down the mountain toward the valley of the sun. That is a beautiful drive.

Soon we were parked at our Arizona home!

We had a great time at Desert Cove Assembly in preparation for City Reach in about one month. Pastor Noah Martinez and his folks have always treated us so well and we absolutely love being with them.

We love these folks dearly and we are really looking forward to seeing what God is going to do in City Reach here. We appreciate you praying for this effort as you have been doing. Please keep it up!

God bless you all.


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