Friday, October 17, 2014

Revival In Pictures - Bloomington, California

We had another great service Thursday night. God was touching people in the altar service and we are always so thankful for that. There is absolutely nothing we can do with some of the messes we have made of our lives but nothing is too hard for God. The amazing grace of God can save, heal and deliver right in the midst of sorrow, pain and destruction. Praise God for His wonderful power and grace to transform lives in 2014.

We have one more service in Bloomington tonight at 7:30. There is no telling what God is going to do in this place.We are enjoying our time with Pastor Deatherage and his folks. I am sincerely impressed with their burden for the lost and hurting. I love that! It is our pleasure to be here and be a part of it for a week.

Today we are planning to take the bus to a Prevost shop in Mira Loma about 11 miles from the church. We have an appointment at 7:00 AM to have this window replaced.

It is fogging between the window panes and it will only get worse with time. The old window did the same thing about 3 years ago and finally got so bad I could not see the mirror. I had it replaced at Prevost Nashville in February of 2012 but now this one is doing the same thing. Prevost is going to eat the cost of the window and hopefully part of the labor as well. At 2 1/2 years it is not covered by warranty but a quality window with a quality installation should last much longer than that. Especially considering the amount I paid in 2012. I will let you know how it goes.

Since this is a picture post it is time to get to the pictures. I hope you enjoy.


Pastor: Bro. and Sis. Deatherage

Yeah, we found a place and had a few tacos this week. Excellent!

A few more tacos!

Passion Fruit

The drive up to Lytle Creek

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