Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We Have Arrived!

Just a short update today. We pulled out of our desert parking spot Tuesday just before noon and we had a gorgeous drive east on I-10 to Phoenix. The wind was pretty strong but it was manageable and not near as bad as it was on Monday.

I read this morning about some one driving this same route yesterday. They were east to west, going from Phoenix toward California on I-10. They said it was a very boring drive. I guess there is no accounting for taste and every one has their own. We sure love this place though.

We pulled into Desert Cove Assembly in El Mirage to two great surprises. Sis. Carla Martinez and her boys pulled in right after us with ice cold drinks from Sonic to welcome us back home. Thank you for being so thoughtful, Sis. Carla. You make it nice to come back home and the great Mexican food sure helps too!

The second surprise came from a whole lot farther away. Odie was texting Abbey Metzger from Montana and found out that Abbey and her mother were on a long layover in Phoenix!. They are flying to Pigeon Forge for PFYC and routed through Phoenix so they could spend a few hours with Sis. Metzger's sister, Terry

They were eating a few minutes away from El Mirage and Terry was kind enough to bring them by the church and visit with us for a "minute" !!!!

What a great joy!

We met Terry in Montana several years ago at Leah Metzger's wedding and it was good to see her again. It is always a treat to see any of the Metzger clan, especially when we do not expect to get to see them at all. It was a great start to our visit in El Mirage.

Then we unloaded our sound equipment into the church. I am still learning how to use our newly donated equipment and I want to be more familiar with it when we set it up under the tent this weekend. Luke, Levi and Logan Martinez worked hard to help us get it all in place. Thanks boys!

The rest of the evening was spent in fellowship and with food. It can not get much better than that. The rest of the week is more preparation for City Reach. Please help us pray that all goes smoothly.

Thank you for reading.


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