Friday, March 11, 2016

Wednesday and Thursday Travel, Tacos, Church and Tehachapi

Today's blog post title is plenty long enough, Wednesday and Thursday Travel, Tacos, Church and Tehachapi. But it really should be a little longer to accurately describe the last two days. It should be Wednesday and Thursday, Travel, Tacos, Travel, Church, Tehachapi, Travel and More Travel and More Tacos!

We were leaving Atwater Wednesday morning but there is really not a great place to park the bus for a single day in Fresno. We have parked in a campground near Soul's Harbor Church but it is very, very tight for the bus. I would definitely go back there if we were staying a week but it is just too much work and stress to get in there for one night.

Bro. Jared let us know we were welcome to remain parked at the church in Atwater so that is what we did. Here are a few more pictures of Amazing Grace Holiness Tabernacle. I love their new building and location.

We intended to be at Riverdale for the mid-day chapel service of the HIM conference. There was an accident on 99 freeway and we were at a complete stop for a long time and then creeping along for a long time after that. We wanted to see everyone so we went ahead and went in quite late. 

We really enjoyed the service and seeing many of our friends from Riverdale AND from across the country. We ended up singing and shouting a little bit too!

It was wonderful to see Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Shawna Millikin at HIM!

These two young folks were saved along with their parents about 10 years ago in Charlotte, North Carolina at one of the best revivals we have ever taken part in. They were in Riverdale for HIM and it was an honor and privilege to see them again. It is thrilling to know they are still serving God!

We kicked around Riverdale and Fresno the rest of the afternoon and then made our way to Soul's Harbor in time to be in church Wednesday night.

We had a wonderful time with Pastor Anthony and Sis. Rose Munoz and all their great folks. We have been coming to Fresno for nearly 25 years and it never gets old. We love these friends dearly and they have proven their love for us repeatedly. It sure was a joy to be in service with them again. We had church Wednesday night!

All these beautiful children are about the age their parents were when we first came to Fresno.

And no stop in Fresno is complete without a visit OR two to Tacos Tijuana!

We always love being with our dear Fresno friends!

After Tacos Tijuana we drove the Green Machine back to Atwater and the BoggsMobile. About 2:00 in the morning I was wishing I had drove the bus to Fresno!

We were back up early Thursday morning to drive the bus back south to Bloomington, California. We wanted to start early for two reasons. Number one we wanted to miss as much traffic as we could and number two we wanted to miss as much traffic as we could. Man, traffic can be a bear out here.

We hit all the cities just about right and enjoyed the day for the most part. When we rolled east of Bakersfield and hit the Tehachapi mountains, it was a great day to be  alive and able to drive. Wow! I wish we could capture the beauty with our iPhones through the windshield!

The Tehachapi mountains are between the San Joaquin Valley and the Mojave Desert. We have enjoyed driving through them since our first time in 1992. It is always beautiful but I believe this is the most beautiful we have ever seen this area. All the way up the west side it was greener than we have ever seen it and it was gorgeous!

It is a very steep climb and a long run down the other side but it is worth ever mile! Once you are on the east side you drop right down into the Mojave Desert and the desert has its own peculiar beauty. A lot of folks do not like it but we like it very much.

We turn south at Boron and then we drop down again as we come from the north into the Bloomington area. That pass was beautiful Thursday too.

We were getting into the congested areas on I-15, I-215 and I-10 between 3:00 and 4:00 PM and I think we hit it just right. It was heavy traffic, like it is any where in the LA statistical area, but we were the slowest thing on the road. Soon we were pulling into Bloomington Pentecostal Church of God and we were being welcomed by our friends.

It is nice to be back and it really felt good to park the bus and stop moving! We begin a short revival here tonight and we are looking forward to it.

I almost forgot to tell you that KJ found a great taco shop nearby for a late supper! Terrific!

Thanks for reading!


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