Thursday, March 17, 2016

Weird Email Disappearances

I have been trying to post before I go to bed at night in California so that the post is waiting on the early risers in the east as it normally is. Tuesday night was too eventful and I did not get Wednesday's post up until mid morning Pacific time which is way late in the east. HERE it is in case you missed it.

Now onto the Weird Email Disappearances.

There have been some strange happenings on the email side of the blog lately. I do not have a complete explanation for them but at least I am not entirely in the dark like I was at first.

Number One, I have about 6-8 email addresses of family members and friends that receive notice the moment a new blog posts. I can put a maximum of 10 addresses in there so only a few folks can be listed. Several days ago that stopped sending at all even though the addresses are still there and the option is still checked. 

I have not been able to get to the bottom of that. I deleted all the addresses and then re-entered them again. I unchecked the option and then chose it again. We will see if that works.

Number Two, every one that signs up as a follower on the blog (That option can be seen on the top right column on your desktop view under the heading "Follow By Email") receives an email every evening letting you know there was a post published that day. There were about 110 that had signed up for that nightly email. 

A few weeks ago that number dropped by over 20 from one day to the next. I suppose it is possible that people can UNfollow but over 20 people in one day? I have heard from some of the people that were dropped and they could not figure out why I dropped them. Since I did not drop them and they did not drop me, evidently it is a Google Blogger thing. I can find no answer for that either.

If you know any one that was following the blog and receiving a nightly email, check with them to make sure they are still getting it. We are posting nearly every day as usual so if they are not getting the nightly email then chances are they were dropped in outer space some where. I guess they will have to sign up again. Help me out with that if you will.

Disappearing followers must be the reason this great blog does not have 10,000 or more followers. That must be it! It is a great conspiracy!

Sorry for the trouble if you were dropped. We certainly appreciate you reading each day.


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