Monday, March 21, 2016

#12 Weekend Woundup and Weview

We have had  a super great weekend in California. Odie mentioned Saturday that we spent Thursday morning at the Reagan Library and Museum. That was a tremendous day. The library is situated on top of a hill in beautiful county. It was a perfect day to view the amazing scenery AND the library was great too. We have quite a few pictures from there that I will try to post later in the week.

We are parked only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean but we have been so busy that we had not even had a glimpse of the water. Friday morning we decided to remedy that injustice and swung down to see it on our way to explore revival possibilities and to meet more folks.

We drove the road over the mountains through Topanga State Park area and hit the ocean just west of Santa Monica on Highway 1. It is amazing how the mountains run right up to the ocean out here. There is no gradual leveling to the water. You are driving through mountains and the BAM, there it is! 

The water looked cold but there was no way to get Odie down there so we did not touch it for ourselves. Maybe we will find another place for her to touch it while we are here.

Saturday morning we wanted to roam the streets of Los Angeles, keeping our eyes open for ministry opportunities and we could think of no better place to find several thousand people than the Fashion District. This area covers about 90 blocks and we barely scratched the surface. We had a good time shopping, eating and interacting with people.

We have several pictures from that day too and I will try to post then later as well.

Sunday morning we left the BoggsMobile at 7:15 and returned over 14 hours later. We were in three services and met dozens of people and had a great day. It was long, but it was great. We also visited a possible tent site that we inquired about last Wednesday. It seems like a perfect site and I wanted to see what it looked like on the weekend. I like it even better now!

We spoke to the lady in charge Wednesday and then emailed her a formal request that night. We have yet to hear anything but it is in God's capable hands. I want to do a City Reach here and I have time to do it in late April or early May, but I do not want to force open a door. God knows where we need to be and when we need to be there. That is enough!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for reading.


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