Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fast Forward From Christmas

We have had a lot of activity since Christmas but I will condense it all down to this post to get caught up. Thank you for tuning in everyday to see what is going on in our lives and ministry. We appreciate you reading.


Most of the preparation to leave The Ranch had already been completed so it was not all that hard to get ready to depart Friday morning. In a couple of hours the BoggsMobile was cranked and pulled out of the barn. I appreciate my brother Steve coming to help and Dad and Mom bringing Odie and seeing us off.

It is great that the barn is right there handy where friends and family can keep and eye on it every day. In fact, my brother Steve was over there working on Saturday. The little patch of woods behind the barn is full of years of discarded junk and trash. Thanks, Bubba.

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Since we were running about 30 minutes ahead of schedule AND since Acapulco is right on the way, we decided that one last meal was in order. We parked the BoggsMobile and the Green Machine in their huge parking lot and enjoyed some salsa!

It was terrific as usual!

The 300+ mile drive to Prevost on the north side of Nashville was smooth and uneventful just like we like it. We had a small construction traffic jam just south of Louisville but it was not too long. We pulled into Prevost about sunset and snagged the last spot with electric. I guess there is nobody touring between Christmas and New Year so the parking lot was full!


The predicted rain came early and we drove in it all day. I did get a welcomed break from the rain south of Little Rock, Arkansas. The break only lasted 40-50 miles but I was very thankful for it. The rest of the day was pretty miserable for driving.

We stopped in Jackson, Tennessee for diesel. It was 3.11 at Love's.

Wow! At that price I want to pump some on the ground!

These two pictures will give you an idea of how fun it was to drive Saturday.

Crossing the Mighty Mississippi.

We parked at an RV park next to the Flying J in Texarkana, Arkansas. We have stayed overnight at this Flying J before and we would have again if we were only stopping for 5-6 hours. But 10-12 hours of running the generator (And it was cold enough for the generator) starts to be more expensive than an RV park. Since this park was wide open, easy to get into, right next to the interstate and cheap, it was a no brainer.

That finished off a 494 mile day of driving in the rain.

Sunday and Monday

Here is the BoggsMobile and the Green Machine at the RV Park in Texarkana Sunday morning.

And a picture after we had arrived at Old Paths Tabernacle in Kilgore, Texas Sunday afternoon.

It as another very rainy driving day but it had one very good redeemer factor. The drive was only about 120 miles long. After a 300 mile day on Friday and a rainy 500 mile day on Saturday I can almost do 120 miles standing on my head!

We finished the drive to Kilgore, Texas Sunday morning so we could be in place to start revival Sunday night. We have had two good services and we are expecting two more. We have had friends visiting both nights. That has been a great blessing. Odie has been taking pictures so we will post some of our friends and all the church folks that are becoming friends too.

That pretty much brings you up to date. Thanks for dropping in.


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