Sunday, December 14, 2014

View Out The Front Window December 14, 2014


Danny Morgan Update

Kelly Jo's Dad continues to improve as he recovers from open heart surgery and we are very thankful to God for that. Thank you for holding him and his family up in prayer.

Prayer Request

Friday night Morgan and Laura Stephens lost their house in a fire. It was a total loss. Laura is the daughter of Pastor John Eaton. Morgan is the son of Pastor Shawn Stephens. He is also the grandson of Pastor Mike Stephens. We have mentioned all of these folks many times on the blog.

Morgan and Laura have only been married about two years and you can imagine how devastating this is  for a young couple. To add insult to injury they had welcomed their first child on Wednesday. They were dismissed from the hospital Friday and lost their house and possessions that evening. They were not at home at the time and arrived to find it on fire. As I said it was a total loss. Please pray for them. I am sure they could use financial help too. If you would like to help, we could point you in the right direction.

View Out The Front Window

With a busy travel week comes a varied view out the front window. Monday morning we left Blanchard, Oklahoma and hurried to Wichita, Kansas. We parked at Bethany Revival Center and jumped quickly into sorting and emptying our storage unit. Here is our view at Bethany.

Out the front window.

Out the front door.

Tuesday night was spent in the parking lot at First Church of God in Christ in Wichita. I neglected to take pictures from the window but I did get one of the BoggsMobile and Uhaul trailer from the parking lot.

At least part of Wednesday night was spent at the Flying J in Effingham, Illinois. 

Out the front window.

Out the front door.

It was a great place to park and I should have rested good. But my girls were already home and I was anxious to join them. I left Effingham a little before 11:00 and pointed toward Ohio.

I pulled into the Dodds Church a little after 5:30 Thursday morning. After posting the blog I sacked out for about 2 hours and took this picture about 8:00. The BoggsMobile is parked at Dodds and I am standing on our new property.

The BoggsMobile is safely parked inside the barn at the Ranch and honestly does not have much of a view.

Here is the view out the front window with the doors closed.

And with the doors open.

And the view our the door.

We begin our last revival before Christmas this morning at Dodds Church. We sure appreciate Pastor Kelly Rogers inviting us to be with them. We may have to drive to church since we are 200 feet away from the parking lot instead of being parked right in it as was usual until this week!

I hope you have a great Sunday.


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