Friday, December 19, 2014

Dryden Rd. Pentecostal Church

Thursday I worked on more organizing in the barn, Kelly Jo spent the day with her family and then we went to our home church Thursday night. It was super great to be home even if Bro. Bennie did have me preach. There is just something about being home with the folks that have prayed with us and stayed with us through thick and thin. We always love coming home.

Sunday morning we should get to hear Bro. Bennie preach. That is really going to be a treat. Since we are leaving a week from today that will probably we the only time we get to hear him while we are home. We will try to soak in as much as possible.

Kelly Jo spent the day with her Mom and Dad at HOME. Danny was sent home from the hospital Wednesday five days after emergency open heart surgery. He is doing well and we are so thankful that God has helped him. He will be recovering for a while but he has improved dramatically and quickly. Praise God. 

Today's plan calls KJ and Odie to spend the day down in Hillsboro with the Morgan's again and I will work on the barn with a little side trip to Acapulco about 11:00. I hate to eat in a restaurant by myself. Yesterday E.J. Lamb met me for lunch. No telling who may show up today.

Odie snapped a few pictures at Dryden Rd. Church last night so I will share those with you. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend.


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