Saturday, December 27, 2014

The 3 Stooges Together Again Lisa, Odie and Deidre

Happy Saturday friends!  It is Odie coming to you from the road. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! We had a great Christmas with the Morgan's the 24th and with the Bogglioni's on Christmas Day  I am anxiously looking forward to a great New Year. 

It has been a crazy, hectic but superb couple weeks at home in Ohio. I was grateful to be with all my family once again. Now it is time to get rolling again so we can see our road family.

This past Saturday I spent the evening with two of my favorites, Lisa Isaacs and Deidre Boggs. It is always fun to have a girls night with these two around. Lots of laughter is always involved. Some how we usually end up shopping and eating somewhere in the mix. I was happy Deidre was finally home from Bible school on Christmas break. We did miss our fourth stooge, Lauren Osborne.

We ate a fantastic meal at Piada. It is an Italian street food restaurant that I have been wanting to try for a while. I was not disappointed at all. It was very good!  I had a create your own pasta bowl. Deidre describes Piada as an Itailian Chipotle. That is a pretty good description. 

Deidre left some selfies for me to post for y'all

The 3 stooges 

Lisa taking a break in Santa's chair at Kroger. 

Lisa had her 50th birthday in November. Both Deidre and I were gone on Lisa's birthday. We promised her that  we would celebrate when we got home. So we had a celebration with Hershey pie, Dr. Pepper and Yoohoo. 

Monday night we met up again. The girls helped me finish up my shopping for Christmas. We had to make a stop at Skyline Chili.

And that is a wrap on our girl time until spring. I hope you have a grand weekend!


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  1. Hmm, great photos, funny how Lisa and I both found chairs while you were shopping ha ha! Love ya much!!! Tammy


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