Monday, December 8, 2014

A Weekend in Blanchard, Oklahoma

We arrived in Blanchard, Oklahoma mid afternoon Saturday. Since we only had once chance to scratch our itch for Oklahoma Mexican food we rushed around and made time for Tarahumara's in Norman.

It was very, very good as usual.

Our first revival for Bro. Lendell and Sis. Cyndi Birdsong was in January of 1993 and we fell in love with them and their church then. These folks have been faithful friends all these years and we love it when we have a chance to be with them.

We had a good service Saturday night. Here are a few pictures from Saturday.

They have an outreach service in the fellowship hall Sunday morning and we were blessed and honored to preach in that service. I love preaching to folks that know they need God to help them and it is a great privilege to point them to Jesus as the help they need. We had a wonderful service and great response in the altar.

We heard the testimony of one of the men in the service. He came a few weeks ago on Sunday morning as a newly homeless man not believing that God existed at all. By the time that service was over he was saved and was throwing away his drugs. He brought his wife the next Sunday and she was saved. He now has a job and a place to live and he was so thankful for the grace of God. It was awesome!

Sunday night we had another great service in the church.

We were so glad to see Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe Sunday night. He drove down from the Tulsa area to be with us and was a blessing to us.

We sure appreciate Bro. Birdsong inviting us to his church this weekend. We enjoyed it so much. Our plan is to leave for Wichita this morning. Kelly Jo and I plan to clean out our storage unit and load up the stuff that needs to go to Ohio in a U-Haul trailer. We will have Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning to get it done so we need to get right on it.

Tuesday night we will have service and Wednesday morning we will head toward Ohio by God's grace. I hope you had a great weekend too. God bless you for reading.


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