Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Eye Balls and Round Bails

Odie's Eyes

Odie had a follow up appointment with the Neuro-Opthomologist on Monday. She had all the vision tests completed again and the doctor was very pleased with everything. This is the fifth time since April that she has had the whole battery of tests. Odie documented her last visit HERE.

Odie also had a follow up MRI last week. The results were not available for her doctor yesterday morning but she was notified they were in last night. We obviously do not understand all of the medical jargon but we do understand NO Change and we know That is a good thing since they are watching for any changes that would indicate MS or other diseases.

Thank God for His help. We really believe that God has given Odie AND us a miracle through all of this. In April she was completely blind in one eye as well as dealing with her life long mobility issues. It was a scary time for all of us but especially Odie. Jesus said in John 4 "fear hath torment" and it certainly does. But He also said in the same verse "perfect love casteth out fear" and we know that is true as well.

Now, the troubles of life have not ceased, the devil did not die or give up and we are still living in imperfect bodies. Turmoil could erupt almost any where at any time, however we want to go on record praising God for His help through it all. We know that God is faithful and just, righteous and true.

If we believe that "the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord" (Psalm 37:23) and that God's "word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" (Psalm 119:105) then we must trust Him and follow where He leads. The path may lead through very dark places but God is leading the way. Even in the midst of slippery places and uncertain events, we take comfort that God is in control when life feels out of control.

Praise God!

Rolling Round Bails

On the way home from the doctor Kelly Jo and Odie witnessed a tractor and trailer losing four big round bails on a busy city street. All four of them were bouncing or rolling and one of them rolled quite a ways but stopped before it rolled onto them. The car in front of them narrowly avoided a tragedy and it could have been bad for all of us.

Thank God for keeping His hand on my girls. That big thing could have easily made short work of the Green Machine along with the two most precious people in my life. Praise God for protecting them and helping Kelly Jo to be alert and quick to respond.

Work Continues at the Ranch

I worked yesterday on trying to finish several projects on the barn before the rain sets in. Dad and my Uncle Jerry Smith brought a load of gravel and we spread it in front of the front doors in a low place where the bus goes in and out. I need some more in a few muddy places eventually but one load will do fine for now. I appreciate Uncle Jerry using his dump trailer and taking time to bring the gravel to me. It was a blessing to us.

I also worked on closing access under the barn. Rascally varmints have been tunneling and undermining the concrete along the east edge of the building. Time will tell if my efforts are effective. 

I also worked on some more electrical things and patched some of fascia board that will need to be replaced with the roof. We have a little yellow bird that comes in at sun down and sings a song in the morning before leaving. I saw it coming in through the holes before I patched them. Evidently they were not the only way in because as night came so did the little song bird.

More work today and tomorrow. Maybe I will take time to gather some pictures together and post them tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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