Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Wanna Be There For Odie's Miracle!

For whatever reason the videos below did not embed properly for some computers. (Thanks Tommy for the heads-up.) I have added a direct link to each clip and redid the embed.

We told you back in September of 2013 about a song on the Isaacs latest CD titled "I Wanna Be There." It was written by Jimmy Yeary, Sonya Isaacs Yeary and Rebecca Isaacs Bowman

The first verse is written about Gordon Mote and the second verse is about Odie. It is an awesome song about folks receiving their miracles in Heaven IF they do not receive them here and I wanna be there when they do receive it. I wanna be there when the blind man sees for the first time. I wanna be there when the crippled girl runs for the first time.

We have heard the Isaacs do it live a few times but we have never been able to get a good recording of it. Here is a YouTube clip of the album version. If you know Odie, I dare you to listen to it without tears.

Here's The Link

Here is a live version filmed by a fan from the crowd.
Here's The Link

It is a beautiful song! I mention it again for two reasons. One we have been asked several time lately by people that have heard the song if it is about Odie. Yes, in fact it is about Odie.

This is from the liner notes

Gordon Mote and Odie Boggs

Secondly, the reason more people are asking is because more people are hearing it. The Isaacs and their label have release the song as a single to radio and it is climbing the Singing News Gospel Charts. It will be #20 in next month's magazine. That is pretty neat!

If you have a southern gospel station call them or drop them an email and tell them you appreciate the song. If you listen on XM send Enlighten an email and thank them for playing it too.

Hey, if you see the Isaacs in person let them know you love them loving on Odie with that song. God knows how we desire the miracle for Odie. One of these days We Will Receive it!

You can buy the song or whole project on iTunes or you can order the CD HERE.


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