Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pray For The Martin Family

Update: Julie text Odie these arrangements. Visitation will be Friday 5:30-8:30 at Lake Chapel Church. The Funeral will be 10:00 AM at First Baptist in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

We have very sad news to pass on to you today. We posted a prayer request for the Martin family just a few days ago. Julie, one of the girls, called Odie today and let her know that Sis. Martin slipped into Heaven late this morning. Sis. Martin has won her race. The place she has been telling people about all her life is now a reality. 

However, I can not imagine the terrible sadness and even agony that Bro. Martin and all the rest of the family are facing at this moment and in the coming days. Please, please, please pray for them.

I do not know any arrangements but if you would like to send flowers or to help them financially I am sure you can find out how to do that in the next few days on their website.


This is an old picture of Bro. and Sis. Martin that we took in Alabama in 2008.

And this is from North Dakota last year.

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