Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday December 14, 2014

We started revival at Dodds Sunday morning and we had a full day of church with a few hours of hospital thrown in and a dash of Acapulco for good measure. Church was great, Kelly Jo's Dad continues to improve and Acapulco was excellent. What's not to like about a day like that?

Saturday was a good day too. After I left the hospital I worked in the barn for several hours and then slipped over to the fellowship hall at Dodds for a bit of their Christmas dinner. The food and fellowship was great! Kelly Jo and Odie spent the whole day at the hospital until KJ dropped Odie at the dinner and she went to do laundry so we would have clean clothes to wear to church.

Speaking of the barn, we have pictures of us pulling in Thursday and we will try to post them tomorrow. Not enough days in the week to get all our activities posted! Looks like it would be easy, seven days of activities and seven posts but some how it does not work that way.

As I post this Kelly Jo is on her way back to the hospital to spend some time with her Dad. Odie is probably spending time with her pillow at my parent's house. The long travel day followed by several long days at the hospital and then the services yesterday have combined to knock her out. I need her in top shape for revival tonight so she has orders to rest. I am working on projects here. Between bus projects and barn projects I have more than enough to keep me busy quite a while. In fact if nothing else comes up I should be finished about September of 2021.

Of course I need to be prepared for service tonight . We are expecting the Lord to help folks every night and he has certainly met us both services so far. Please pray that God will work among us again. 

I hope you had a great Sunday. Thank you for reading. I am posting a few pictures from Dodds yesterday. I am sure we will have many more before the week is over.


Pastor Kelly Rogers and Davy

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