Friday, December 5, 2014

Odie's Memories of Christmas Past - Chicken Pox Christmas

Odie normally posts on Saturday but we are adjusting our scheduling a bit this week. We are leaving in a few minutes to drive to Sis. Martin's visitation near Mt. Vernon, Texas. It will be very late when we get home and then Saturday we will be moving the bus to Blanchard, Oklahoma and having service that night. Since Odie had her post ready to go up I figured I better post it now.

From Odie

Happy Friday, my wonderful friends. I hope you have had a great week. We have had a grand week in Gainesville, Texas. I am thrilled we were able to see a lot of friends this week and spend some time visiting with them. We love coming to House of Prayer. The people here will always hold a special place in my heart! God visited us each service this week. It was encouraging to see our friends getting help from God!

I am excited that Christmas is fast approaching. I love this season!!  It is a happy time of year that I enjoy. I love the shopping, music, and all the fun things of Christmas and also remembering to always be thankful for the real meaning of Christmas, the blessed birth of our Savior. 

In December 2010 I blogged about a not so happy Christmas.  I decided to share it again for any new readers.  

Christmas 2005 is a memory that is engraved in my mind. First I must rewind a couple weeks. We went to a church for revival where several of the children had Chicken Pox. Also this is an important fact to remember: Dad nor I had never had Chicken Pox before.  

We left that revival drove overnight and boarded a plane for revival in Mexico. I prayed the whole week that I would not break out while there! I remember inspecting every mysterious bump I had that week. 

On Monday before Christmas we made it back to Ohio. I was so happy to be home for the holidays! All day Tuesday I was in bed trying to catch up on my rest. The trip to Mexico wore me out, or so I thought.  

Wednesday was laundry day. My parents had been trying to encourage me to work through sickness. I was trying to help Mom with the laundry but I felt horrible. 

At this point we were the only two in the laundrymat. Mom looked at my face and then my back and realized I was breaking out with Chicken Pox. All I could do was cry! 

Yes at 20 years old I had Chicken Pox for the first and I pray last time. They are hard on an old person! I broke out for three days. I spent a total of nine days stuck in our trailer before I was completely scabbed over. It was a miserable Christmas!! 

Dad tried his best to stay far away from me. He survived without getting them. Its a miracle! He was exposed when I was and then again when I had them. He didn't hug me for three weeks! LOL  

Thanks again to the few brave family members who visited me! Deidre and I played Scrabble untill we were sick of it. Some family members were scared of my me. I really don't blame them!  

I am glad that is passed! That year the Grinch didn't steal Christmas. It was that mean chicken. 

It is hard to believe "The Chicken Pox Christmas" was nine years ago. I would not allow pictures to be taken of the chickens damage to my face. Just know this, it was BAD!  It will forever be etched in our memory has a Christmas we do not want to live again. 

Next week I will try to share a happy Christmas memory. Have a good weekend. 


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