Friday, December 12, 2014

Pray For Danny Morgan

Update 2:20 PM: Danny Morgan, Kelly's Dad,  is out of surgery and in the special ICU unit. The family should be able to see him soon. The doctor said the surgery could not have went any better. He said his heart and all the tissue is very very healthy. 

Praise God for His help. Thanks for praying. Please continue.

Odie with her grandpa Danny Morgan.

Although we have much to write about our busy day yesterday, we do not have much time. Kelly Jo's Dad, in the picture with Odie above, did not get good news from the heart doctor Thursday

They told him he has four blockages and needs open heart surgery immediately if not sooner. We plan to be there by 6:00 this morning so that means not time or much inclination to blog about all of the other exciting stuff. 

I will try to update at the top of this post when he comes through the surgery. Please ask God to help Danny Morgan today. Please pray as well for Kelly Jo's Mom and the rest of their family.

Thank you. 


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