Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Twinkies - They are Baaaack!

Whew! I can finally go back on my Twinkie Diet!

I went to town today to visit the local hardware store to buy two bolts for a little project I was working on. While I was in town Kelly Jo taxt (My past tense for text) me and asked me to bring home some drinking water. After the hardware store  I walked into WalMart and there was a blast from the past! Twinkies are back!

They say that bad news travels fast and good news travels slow. Bad news can be on the other side of town before good news even has his shoes on. Well, I want to do my part to change that. Spread the good news.

Odie posted about Hostess going out of business last year. (Read the last paragraph in that post.) Oh what a sad day it was. Not long ago it was reported that the Hostess division that makes Twinkies and other treats had been sold and would bring the Twinkie back. I had not heard anything else about it.

Until today! They are baaaaaack!

Twinkies are back in town!

Of course I had to buy Odie some Hostess Donettes, Twinkies and  DIET Dr. Pepper.

Odie was pretty jazzed when I got back to the bus. And she should be! Some things are worth being excited about! Not all is bad in the world.



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