Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vandalism and Revival

We have been very blessed through the years with very few problems concerning vandalism in tent revivals. While we were pastoring in Wichita we would even leave the PA system set up at night. We never had one problem.

Now we generally take down the PA system every night but we usually leave everything else as it is. Most people are very respectful of the tent and our equipment. 

We did have some minor vandalism recently during a tent revival. I did not leave the lights on under the tent but I looked out the window several times during the night. As I started outside about daylight I was surprised to see everything in disarray.     

The tent was not damaged but somebody had spent some time throwing chairs and making a mess. Thank God it was not all that bad.

It was a little disappointing but we had no other incidents the rest of the week. I did leave the lights on the rest of the week though.

I mention it today in the blog because I recieved word today that a church where are scheduled to hold tent revival later this year has had some really serious incidents of vandalism in the last 3-4 weeks. The pastor is very concerned about the safety of our tent  and other equipment. 

I really appreciate the Pastor's concerned for us and our belongings. That is kind and thoughtful. The vandalism has been so prevalent and extensive that the Pastor is thinking we might should move the revival inside the church. I am perfectly willing to do whatever the leadership thinks needs to be done. The Pastor certainly knows his community and the reactions of his congregation better than I do.

The final decision has not been made as of yet. Whatever we do, I know that the Lord will raise up a standard against the spiritual opposition. Would you join us in praying that God will visit that community with a divine revival? They need a sovereign move of God.

We know that the enemy can not prevent God from saving souls in that town. I am believing that God will intervene whether we have tent revival or church revival. He can send conviction and even save the people responsible for the recent damage. Yes, God is able to do that!

Pray saints pray! God can send a miracle to that community.

Thank you,


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  1. That's awful! What is wrong with people??


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