Friday, July 26, 2013

Kid's Crusade for Christ at Devils Lake

Wow! What a Kid's Crusade, what an operation, what a family! We attended the last day of the Kid's Crusade with the Martin family and all their help. It was amazing from start to finish.

They start the day with devotions for the workers at 9:00 and we were there for that. Today was testimony day and we really enjoyed it.

Odie and Courtney stayed for lunch and the afternoon kid's ministries in various neighborhoods. They were wore slap out at the end of the day but they had a great day.

Kelly Jo and I went back to the BoggsMobile for a while on Graham's Island State Park. We snapped a few pictures to share some of the beauty of this place.

We were back about 5:00 PM as they were gearing up for hundreds of kids in the night service. It was awesome. They give the kids the Gospel, a meal and lots of love. It really is an amazing operation. The Martin's have a great burden for the native Americans and we are so blessed to be with them today. Here are a few pictures of the evening.


Pastor Brandon and his wife Sis. Joy

Bro. and Sis. Martin

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