Wednesday, July 10, 2013

He Came - The Gospel of Christmas Has Arrived

I posted late last night about Tent Revival and Vandalism.


Our new CD, He Came - The Gospel of Christmas has arrived early. We recieved them today. We were hoping it would but we knew it could be a few more weeks. We are thrilled to have them early. 

We had one box shipped to us in California, a couple of boxes shipped to Ohio and a bunch to the BoggsMobile in Illinois. I hope I have way underestimated the demand for this new CD. Lol

We could only have one box shipped way out here in the short time span that we are going to be here. So we will ship the pre-orders next week from Illinois. We will ship from here the CD that Jennifer Blevins won here on the blog by guessing the correct CD cover. We will get that into the mail tomorrow.

Hurry! Get yours while supplies last. We WILL NOT be ordering anymore. (Until we need some) So get them while you can. They won't last long.  Lol.



  1. Getting one off Holly as soon as I get back in town from a long weekend in Va! Can't wait to hear it!
    Michael A

    1. Thanks, Michael. I hope you like it. Give us a full report when you hear it.


  2. I love it!


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